Community Wild Fire Awarness Event -City of Brisbane

Date:   June 7, 2012

 HEADLINE:  Community Wild Fire Awareness Event- City of Brisbane

On Saturday, June 16th, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM the North County Fire Authority (NCFA) and the City of Brisbane will conduct the annual Community Wild Fire Awareness exercise. This event will support the city’s Wildland Pre-Fire Attack Plan in response to a wildland fire threatening residents in Brisbane. This plan describes how the Fire, Police and Public Works Departments will deploy public safety resources into the community and establish pre-arranged “control points” at street intersections to provide one-way egress routes for residents to evacuate their homes on foot and/or by vehicle.

 During the event fire personnel will be delivering information to residents living on Kings Road, Margaret Road and Paul Avenue, which are adjacent to the “Wildland Urban Interface”. The publication will show them how to develop a wildfire action plan and help guide them through the process of making their homes resilient to wildfires and ready to leave early and safely, known as “Ready, Set, Go!”

 For more information please contact Deputy Chief Frank Panacci, North County Fire Authority’s Public Information Officer for this event at (650) 740-7390.


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