Cliff Rescue in Daly City

On August 26, 2015 at approximately 1:00 A.M. , 4 Fire Companies,  1Rescue Unit,  2 Chief Officers,  1 Information Officer, 1 Coast Guard Helicopter, 1 Animal Control Unit and Daly City Police Department Officers, responded to a cliff  rescue at Palisades Park in the City of Daly City.

The first arriving fire company reported that 1 person was over the edge of the cliff having fallen approximately 150 feet to 200 feet and was injured. There was an additional patient who had also fallen over the cliff, but was able to climb up reach the top and go to a nearby residence to call for help.  The first patient was evaluated and treated by firefighter paramedics and then transported to the hospital.  Firefighters were also advised that there were two dogs involved in the fall that were with the patient down on the cliff side

Firefighter paramedics repelled over the edge of the cliff and attempted to reach the injured patient, but were unable to make it to the patient due to the two pit bull dogs protecting the patient, causing a delay in the rescue, as well as making contact with patient and forcing firefighter paramedics to move out of the area.

The Coast Guard was dispatched and responded with its helicopter and eventually retrieved the patient, while the animals were distracted.  The Coast Guard helicopter transferred the injured patient to waiting firefighter paramedics who completed and evaluation and treated the patient’s injuries, before transporting by ambulance to the hospital.


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