What is North County Fire Authority?

Answer: North County Fire Authority is a formal joint powers agreement among the Cities of Brisbane, Daly City, and Pacifica to provide fire services to those members of the community under one umbrella organization headed by Fire Chief Ron D. Myers.

Does our city’s participation in North County Fire Authority reduce the service to our community?

Answer: The participation of your city in the North County Fire Authority does not reduce the service to your community. In fact, it has increased, as can be evidenced from the rapid response to fires, storms, and other emergencies. 

I am going to remodel my house. Are fire sprinklers required?

Answer: It is best that you contact the Fire Prevention Bureau (991-8138) for the specific requirements for each city.

How often do I need to have my fire extinguisher serviced in my business?

Answer: Your fire extinguisher must be inspected annually by a person licensed to do such inspections. In most cases, your extinguisher must go through a “tear-down” every six years. Your fire extinguisher service company will track this for you when they come to do the annual inspection.

What should I do if I want to become a Firefighter?

Answer: Even before you graduate from high school, you can begin mapping out your future in the Fire Service by speaking to your Counselor and asking them what Junior College offers the best Fire Science Program. We are lucky to have access to both City College of San Francisco and the College of San Mateo, both institutions have excellent Fire Science Curriculums. Because the majority of our emergency calls are medical in nature, obtaining your State Emergency Medical Technician’s Certificate (EMT) is a must.

An Associate of Arts Degree in Fire Science will take you approximately 2 years to complete but is a very important step in becoming a Firefighter. Having an EMT Certificate, or better yet, going to a special school to become a paramedic will make you a more desirable candidate when you start testing for open Firefighter positions. The most important attributes that a future Firefighter must possess are patience and dedication…be patient, because it may take up to 5 years or more to finally become a recruit firefighter…and dedication to the educational and physical conditioning that it will take to make you succeed in your career quest.

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