Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau Responsibilities
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Incident
  • Response Services
  • Incident Command, Emergency Management and Scene Safety
  • Operational Readiness
  • Automatic Aid & Boundary Drop Agreement
  • Fire Company In-Service Recurrent and Mandated Training & Certifications
  • Fire Company Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program
  • Firefighter Recruit Academy
  • Dispatch Center and CAD Liaison
  • New Hire Diversity Outreach
  • Physical Fitness & Wellness Program
  • Pre-Fire Planning Target Hazards
  • Special Projects & Assignments
  • Staff Promotional Development
  • Technical Rescue & Special Operations
  • Wildland Pre-Fire Attack Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Operations Divisions

Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for developing, instructing, and coordinating recurrent and mandated training for all personnel, including emergency medical services and the paramedic program. The Training Division utilizes different training aids to accomplish its mission. These include a custom-built training structure and multiple live-fire training props.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division is responsible for low-frequency/high-risk incident training. These may include:

● Cliff/High Angle Rescue
● Urban Search and Rescue
● Structural Collapse
● Water Rescue
● Confined Space
● Hazardous Materials
● Trench Rescue
● Terrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction
● Major Transportation Incidents- BART/CalTrain
● Mass Casualty Incidents

These types of “infrequent” incidents require specific ongoing education & training of a specialized nature, which the division is charged with overseeing.